StorieAmerica exports manitoba, Molino Paolo Mariani exports MANITALY

America exports manitoba, Molino Paolo Mariani exports MANITALY

In Italy, high protein wheats have always been imported from countries such as Canada, United States or Russia.
In the bigger industries, it is regular practise to import the wheat from abroad and then to grind it in Italy and subsequently export the flour with the label “Made in Italy”.

This, however, implies not only a significant environmental impact given the route that the raw material must travel, but also consequences in terms of quality control because during the transport, the cereals could undergo significant changes in temperature and humidity, which might cause an uncontrolled development of mould.

Today, however, with Manitaly, Molino Paolo Mariani is proud to have managed to reverse this course, with a simpler and more transparent path.

“The wheats we use for our Manitaly blend are cultivated in our territory of Le Marche region, in the supply chain fields within 30 km from our Mill.

We personally know all our farmers, and we also rely on their knowledge and “memory of the territory” to respect the unique characteristics of each wheat variety.

This is why, for us, being able to export Manitaly all over the world means giving back to the expression “Made in Italy” its most authentic and true meaning, because we can finally talk about 100% Italian wheat, while valuing, at the same time, the unique identity of our region: Le Marche”.

Gambero Rosso’s article, March 2022